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A web page without links is like an uncharted island. It’s sitting there, right in the middle of the ocean, but most people don’t know it’s there. The island could be littered with diamonds. The plants that grow there might heal every disease known to human. None of that matters if no one knows the island is there.

Search engine optimization in a lay man’s language is about trying to rank higher in search engines. To rank higher you make changes to your website that make it easier for search engines to understand your content. Also, it can mean getting links from other websites. It is indeed sounding very easy than it is in reality.

In this digital world there is a rat race amongst the increasing brands as each one has high expectations from SEO, everyone looks for page 1 rankings for their website. The client gets up and says “I want to be ranked by tomorrow.”

The reality is that getting results from SEO for new brands is – in view of competition and in view of the increasingly strict guidelines of Google – somewhat tricky. We recommend doing SEO for minimum 3 to 6 months before seeing the impact. And we also recommend that one should not be totally dependent on SEO, other digital marketing activities should be done in parallel. After all slow n steady wins the race.

We at Digimerc have a strong believe that the success of the page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?

The biggest difference to SEO these days is now it’s more valuable to remove links rather than build them. What exclusive SEO service we offer for you?

  1. Website SEO Assessment.
  2. Complete keyword analysis.
  3. Ranking your site in organic ranking for your website on Google Search.
  4. Competitor Analysis.
  5. On-page Optimization
  6. Off-page Optimization.
  7. Monitoring and Reporting

At Digimerc, we keep ourselves informed about the latest SEO trends that constantly redefine the future of search and offer innovative solutions for your Search Engine Optimization needs. With our unique tailored keyword research strategy, SEO friendly content writing and detailed SEO reports, we possess the tools and expertise required to rank your website on the first page of top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Remember you can’t just “SEO” your website and be done. It’s a forever moving goal post,but we would surely help you to connect with the digital world in an improved way by optimizing your online presence.


Your website deserves the best; after all, it is the internet advertising billboard for you and your company. Whether you’re ready to start today, or still need some guidance. We’ll find the right solution for you.

The Internet is the new medium for promoting and selling your products and services to customers across the globe. A well designed website is therefore, the most important tool to attract customers. A good website design must have visual appeal, user friendliness, rich content and above all, be search engine optimized in order to attract & retain visitors.

We have young coding heads and the designers to make intuitive, connecting, engaging and user friendly sites for your brand. Be it a HTML or PHP or wordpress based site, database driven E-commerce website or Corporate site or any other type of website for that matter, we convey easy to understand and deliver result oriented search friendly websites.

Website design & website content matters a lot as it speaks about your business culture, services or products. Our expert developers and designers give a complete balance of matter and design for a perfect website designing and development as they are well versed with how content precedes design and design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration.