Best Ways To Engage Your Followers

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A wise man once said social media is a cocktail party. A lot has changed in social media over the years, but one thing certainly has not: engaging your audience that matters the most. Here are five ways to better engage with your social media followers.

1) ASK your Fans to Take a specific Action

Depending on the goal of your campaign, asking your people to take a specific action is imperative. If you’re looking for more engagement, format your post to motivate them to click the link. Ask them to share in the comments of a photo. It’s also important to keep the call-to-action very simple to reach as more number of steps involved is likely to drive participation rates down.

2) Talk to them in their language

Choosing funny or sarcastic words is a great option for communicating on social media but there can be some audiences who prefer a very direct, straightforward type of content hence It’s very important to speak to your audiences the way they understand would get attracted for. Knowing what they want is as important as sending a message to them.

Everything you do with your brand should have social reach for your audiences. Before we can engage with fans, we need to know a few things about them, like: What do they like? What social channels do they surf the maximum? What time they actually are there?
Once you have a better understanding of who your audience is, your chances of garnering meaningful engagement will be much higher.


4) MAKE EVERY action from them MATTER
This one sounds so simple as it’s easy to start picking the best action to respond to because the person who writes about your brand deserved a great response. Addressing even the shortest of comments with a genuine response goes a long way to fetch a great numbers of followers over a considerable period of time.

We are sure these simple ways would bring change in the number of current followers you have if not sudden but definitely.
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